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Fluid Goggles-Fluid Googles

Special freediving goggles designed to focus when water is placed inside the goggles.

Pressure equilibrium in the goggles is no longer needed.

Since it does not use extra air, you can dive without worrying about the water depth.

・ Product information

Affordable goggles with sophisticated ergonomic design for maximum visibility.

Fluid goggles are an excellent tool for enjoying safety, relaxation and underwater viewing without worrying about pressure balance in the goggles and without depth restrictions. There are many fluid goggles, but our model also gives a good view of the water and the surface. Being able to see not only underwater but also on the surface of the water is a great advantage, making pre-dive preparation more relaxed and much easier on the surface of the water in competition.

Underwater, once you get used to it (it takes a few sessions, just like when you started using the nose clip), you can see it well and deal with it with confidence if you encounter problems such as strap entanglement. .. With fan-free diving, you can enjoy the beauty of the underwater world without worrying about mask equalization.

The width of the goggles is ergonomically adjustable with the included four different sized nose bridges to fit many faces.

Manufacture of the type of bespoke goggle structure we designed requires a large investment in injection molds, which has diplopia (underwater and water surface), optimum quality and perfect positioning. This is an option for providing goggles.

Skirt and head strap: Top quality silicone construction: Polycarbonate lens: 20mm PCX

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