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West Lanyard-Freediving CNF Lanyard 100cm

Support item used for training in rope descent.

The lanyard connects the diver and the rope to support the descent, and in the unlikely event it also supports the pulling up.

The waist type is mainly for no-fin competitions.

·Description of item
A combination of safety, efficiency and comfort. This hydrodynamic and ergonomic belt always stays on your hips no matter what. Made using only high quality components, from ultra-light carbon composite polymer carabiners to 100 cm plastic coated stainless steel cables to strong water resistant marine grade polyester belts. The stainless steel quick release also includes an innovative easy-to-grip tag. Designed and tested by Swiss record holder Pascal Berger (-131m VWT). For reliable quality.

By using a thin and durable belt, the resistance during freefall has been greatly reduced. With a thickness of only 1 mm, it can withstand a load of 500 kg or more, and is a soft and comfortable polyester. A carabiner cable with a diameter of only 3 mm also contributes to a significant reduction in resistance.

Waist placement A simple and efficient fastening system between the legs allows for quick clipping and prevents the belt from moving up the waist during free fall when the suit is compressed. This «AUTOLOCK» system does not require excessive tension on the elastic band, but keeps it soft and comfortable in place without friction between the legs.

Adjustable size The front and rear buckles can be placed exactly according to your body shape. It's the same as a rubber band that you can cut once you measure the right length (test it on your body first).

・ Components

Belt 100% polyester strap and UV treated nylon parts

Elastic belt resistant polyester and latex (made in France)

Wires and all metal parts Stainless Steel SS216

Carabiner carbon composite

Sewing machine 100% polyester thread triple reinforcement

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