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Freediving Lanyard 100cm

A support item used for training in rope descent.

The lanyard connects the diver and the rope to support the descent, and in the unlikely event it also supports the pulling up.

The list type is mainly for constant weight competition.

·Description of item
Made using only high quality components, from ultra-light carbon composite polymer carabiners to 100 cm plastic coated stainless steel cables to strong water resistant marine grade polyester velcro wristbands.

All components ensure an ultra-lightweight and hydrodynamic strap while remaining very strong for safety. The wristband also includes an innovative easy grab tag, making it even easier to use with quick releases. You can choose from three funky colors.

Designed and tested by Swiss record holder Pascal Beiger (-131m VWT).

For reliable quality.

・ Components

Wristband: 100% polyester with high quality nylon velcro wire and all metal parts: Stainless steel SS216
Carabiner: Carbon composite

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