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Noseclip Classic-Noseclip Classic

The nose clip is an item that firmly closes your nose when diving with goggles.

You can concentrate on the swim without using your hands even during pressure equilibrium.

The goggles and nose clip classic set has the least water resistance and allows you to swim comfortably.

It is a product for large people with a high nose.

·Description of item

A colorful combination of ergonomic design and high quality components. Choose from a tough polymer construction, two comfortable and interchangeable elastomeric nose pads, a strong leash, and a wide range of funky colors. Designed and tested by Swiss record holder Pascal Berger (-131m VWT). For reliable quality

What is the difference between carbon and classic nose clips?

The classic version is larger with a round pad, while the carbon version is smaller with an oval pad. Carbon was used to reinforce the structure because some areas of this model are thin and require an additional reinforcement layer. Except for this material change, there is no real difference in quality between these two versions. Basically, the CARBON model is not better. It depends on the shape of the nose.

The classic version is a bit more comfortable with the slightly thicker (and larger) pads, and the carbon version is hydrodynamic due to its smaller size. On average, the CLASSIC model fits "medium to small" to "extra large" noses, and the CARBON model fits to "minimal" to "medium and large" noses.

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