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Safety stopper --Yellow safety stopper

An item attached to the bottom of the rope used when practicing rope descent.

This is to prevent accidents such as the lanyard getting caught on the anchor or plate when turning at the bottom of the rope.

We recommend using a safety stopper in all exercises.

-Product Description The new OCTOPUS Safety Stopper, which is strong and reliable, is safer to effectively prevent the strap from getting clogged. The nearly flat top holds the carabiner neatly, and the bottom is conical, allowing you to "push" the strap cable outwards without a grip. Following the prototype test, we chose a wider diameter than the tennis ball (75mm vs. 65mm). The bright fluorescent yellow makes it easier to see.

Regarding the installation process, the stopper is divided into two parts. It has a simple knot in the center and can be easily tightened with three stainless steel screws (standard crosshead). It is made of ABS, which is a strong plastic used to make Lego, for example.

Simple and efficient design for unmatched quality.

Designed and tested by Swiss record holder Pascal Berger (-131m VWT).


How to install the product is published on YOUTUBE.


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